Monday, January 12, 2009

A Beer Making Success Story

Have you ever dreamed of making your own beer? Maybe you thought it would be too difficult, or a waste of time and money to attempt to craft a beer that could turn out to be undrinkable. Maybe, like me you listened to old stories of exploding bottle caps and foul tasting brews that not even the guy down the street, who was known to drink almost anything would touch. Let me encourage you to forget the horror stories and go for it! Become the Master Brewer of you own home brewing kingdom. Making beer has rewards of satisfaction and accomplishment. Not to mention the decided benefit of drinking and serving a great tasting beverage you made yourself. I personally never tire of hearing "This is really good, and I mean really good beer! Where did you buy it?"

This is one of my favorite home brewery stories.
My father was visiting shortly after I had brewed one of my first batches of Brown Ale. He was unaware of my new hobby, so I casually handed him one of my new beers cold from the fridge and waited to see his reaction. He drank it all, but made no comment about how he liked it. I was disappointed, but was relieved that he drank it without spitting any out. The next day, dad asked me where I bought that beer I had served him yesterday. Still not sure if he enjoyed it or not, I hesitated to tell him that I made it myself. Pausing just a moment I said, "I didn't exactly buy it at a store. I made it." Stunned he said "No wonder I couldn't find it in the store! I spent fifteen minutes looking for a plain bottled beer with a silver cap!" He was surprised that home brew could be so tasty. If you have never tasted home brewed beer, I think you will be pleasantly surprised too.

In the weeks to follow the Brew Crew will take you through the steps of crafting your own beer. We hope you will come back to experience the journey with us.
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